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Current status

14 October 2016 @ 2200 BST - Planned maintenance [COMPLETED]

Planned maintenance is in progress.  See post under 'Planned maintenance' below for details.

Update @ 0545 BST:

Email and hosting services are back up.

FoodCommerce isn't quite back yet due to a network configuration issue.

We hope to be up soon.

Update @ 0715 BST:

Everything is now working.  Over-night FoodCommerce order processing has ran successfully.

Update @ 1040 BST:

Fixed issue with webmail service at  Reloaded the local imap caching proxy.

Planned maintenance

Extended downtime - 14 October 2016 @ 2200 BST [COMPLETED]

We are moving our servers from a data centre in Maidenhead to one in Slough.

This change should improve the reliability of FoodCommerce and prevent the recurrence of some of the issues we've had recently with unreliable connectivity.

This will affect all FoodCommerce stores, the FoodCommerce control panel, email services and hosting services we provide.  It will not affect DNS services or our email marketing service Online Connector.

Maintenance window starts: 2016-10-14 2200 BST
Maintenance window ends: 2016-10-15 0400 BST
At risk period: 2016-10-15 0400 - 0600 BST

We expect to have servers fully running by the At-Risk period, but it's possible that network adjustments and/or reboots may prove necessary.

Recent incidents

There is nothing recent.

About this site

This site is deliberately hosted independent of all our other services and should always be available.

Please bookmark this site so you can easily find it in the event of an outage.